Monthly Archives: August 2018

When is it Time to Turn to Debt Consolidation?

Ask financial experts about debt consolidation and you might get a mixed bag of answers. Some will say it is a good way to pay off a blend of unsecured debts with a single, monthly payment. Others will say that... Read More

Want an Unsecured Business Line of Credit? Here’s How to Get It

Unsecured lines of credit can be some of the most useful business tools in existence for cash flow management. Unsecured lines of credit can insulate you against unexpected costs, late payments from customers, and even higher than usual payroll requirements.... Read More

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Business Growth

A 2018 article from Entrepreneur opened with a very startling statistic: “8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first few years of starting up…” Naturally, the causes for an 80% failure rate vary widely and can include inadequate market... Read More

Cash Flow: A Comprehensive Look

If you are looking into lower than expected profits, start with your tracking and financial statements. Whether or not your business uses the 3 statement model for accounting (i.e., a linked income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement), you... Read More
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