Monthly Archives: September 2018

Productivity Tips: Are You Getting as Much Done as Possible?

Forget about furious battles with competitors or international trade disputes: the biggest challenges facing many businesses are the internal ones. This can include everything from new ways to motivate employees to perform better, to how to create safe, secure workplaces.... Read More

Different Types of Corporate Structures

The corporate structure of your business is like the foundation of a house. For your business to be stable, its structure needs to align with your goals and values.  And the structure helps define how the rest of your ‘house’... Read More

A Detailed Overview of Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing, also called invoice financing, allows you to solve business cash flow problems by getting an affordable “loan,” or advance, against outstanding invoices. Using receivables as collateral, you could receive 80 percent or more of the invoiced value,... Read More

3 Keys to Finding a Business Partner

Forming a business partnership can open up new doors for your company. Two small businesses or large companies may complement each other and become stronger in the process. If you are a business owner shopping for business partners, consider the... Read More
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