Although many entrepreneurs are able to start up businesses on their own, they often reach a point when further productivity hinges on hiring employees. However, once your company becomes complex enough to require effective business teams, it is imperative to approach the situation with acumen and foresight. Here are some tips to help you as you proceed.

Give Them the Vision

You managed to get your company started because you envisioned it as a fully formed entity. Sharing your vision with your employees creates business teams that can clearly see a path to the company’s future growth. Invite your employees along as co-travelers on your entrepreneurial journey. At the same time, ensure that you and your employees delineate specific daily and weekly goals as guideposts towards that future. Once they have the vision, allow your employees to exceed your expectations by setting their own weekly goals.

Discover Employee Strengths

Take the time to discover the specific skill sets of each of your employees. You may have hired them to assist in one area, but you may find out once you get to know them that they have talents in other areas as well. Monitor their growth on a one-to-one basis, and remain alert to latent skill sets that may emerge.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is an integral part of successful business teams. Be sure that your supervisors are effective in helping you guide your employees. Encourage open communication on a daily basis. Supervisors should meet with employees weekly and report back to you, and periodically the entire team should get together to keep everyone on the same page. Additionally, digital platforms that facilitate interoffice communication are important.

Let Them Work

Once your employees have the vision through effective communication and goal setting, step aside and let them work. Employees handle their day to day tasks more efficiently and productively and feel a greater sense of responsibility and empowerment without supervisors constantly hovering over them.

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