Many would-be entrepreneurs come up with all sorts of excuses to put off launching their startups. These range from a lack of experience or know-how to an inability to obtain funding. However, often the main thing that separates those that dream of starting their own companies with successful owners of new businesses is laziness. Others have overcome the same obstacles that beset you and have gone on to create thriving startups.

Here are some tips on how to combat lethargy and get busy.

Take Action

Don’t despair if you have a day job and other responsibilities. Instead of doing nothing, take whatever steps you can towards the fulfillment of your dream, even if you are able to only invest a few minutes a day. If you work at it consistently, over a period of time you can create something substantial. For instance, register your business name, design and print business cards, and create a company website. Before you know it, your startup will be up and running.

Start Small

The immensity of the thought of building entire startups from scratch deters many people from becoming entrepreneurs. Overcome this mental obstacle by breaking down large goals into manageable tasks, and approach and complete them one by one. When you’re tempted to cut and run from a formidable undertaking, create a to-do list of its separate components. Each item crossed off the list is a significant achievement, and by taking it step by step, the entire task will soon be accomplished.

Use Downtime as a Reward for Accomplishment

Relaxation is an essential part of an entrepreneur’s schedule. You need it to renew your strength and take a break from your responsibilities. However, be sure that it’s not your default state, but rather a reward for hard work. Accomplish your goals first, and then take the time to wind down.

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