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Types of Fees Charged for MCA Restructuring Services

BY Value Capital Funding

December 6, 2023

Fee Breakdown: Types of Fees Charged for MCA Restructuring Services

Fee Breakdown: Types of Fees Charged for MCA Restructuring Services

Facing overwhelming Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) debt can be an incredibly challenging situation for any business. As you explore debt restructuring solutions to resolve MCA obligations and regain financial stability, having a clear understanding of the associated fees is critical. In this blog post, we’ll examine the different types of fees charged for MCA debt restructuring services, shedding light on both common and hidden costs. We’ll also discuss strategies to minimize fees and the importance of partnering with a reputable company with MCA attorney led teams that offer transparent pricing.

Common Fees in MCA Restructuring

When pursuing MCA debt restructuring, there are several standard fees that businesses typically encounter:

Attorney Fees – Legal counsel is often required during the MCA restructuring process. Attorney fees vary depending on the complexity of the case.  Make sure the legal fee is part of your new MCA payment.  Nothing upfront.

Administrative Fees – These fees cover the day-to-day administrative costs associated with MCA restructuring services. Things like document processing, account maintenance, and other fees may be included.

Consultation Fees – Upfront consultation fees are charged by some restructuring firms for the initial assessment and development of a restructuring strategy.  That’s a red flag for you and you should run the other way.

Processing Fees – As payments and transactions occur during the restructuring process, processing fees may apply.  Make sure they are disclosed and are reasonable.

Being aware of these common costs can help businesses plan accordingly and budget for MCA restructuring services. 

Hidden or Uncommon Fees

In addition to the standard fees discussed above, there are some less common or hidden fees to be mindful of when restructuring MCA debt.  At Value Capital Funding, we feel any of these are giant red flags and are good reason for you to run the other way.

Early Termination Fees – If the restructuring process is ended prematurely, some firms may charge you early termination penalties.

Success Fees – Some providers charge extra “success fees” contingent upon positive restructuring outcomes. 

Contingency Fees – These refer to fees based on a percentage of the amount saved through restructuring.

Knowing these less-common fees exist enables businesses to ask the right questions and avoid surprises. Transparency from restructuring providers is key.  You have the right to know and choose which way to go for yourself.

Value Capital Funding’s Transparent Fee Structure

At Value Capital Funding, we recognize that clear, upfront knowledge of fees is critical for businesses undergoing MCA debt restructuring. Our straightforward fee structure prioritizes transparency.

No Hidden Fees – We disclose all costs, never hiding fees in fine print.

Competitive Pricing – Our fees are designed to be affordable and always provide value.

Fee Breakdown Provided – A detailed fee breakdown is supplied upfront, so you understand the full costs and appreciate the true value.

We believe an honest, transparent approach is the only way to build trust and offer the debt relief businesses deserve.  We know that no one wants to talk with us about excessive MCA payments and the need for MCA debt relief.  We make the experience dignified and empowering from day one.

Factors Affecting Fee Amounts

While a transparent provider will supply a fee schedule upfront, it’s important to note that the total cost of MCA restructuring can vary based on several key factors:

The Amount of MCA Debt – The size and number of MCA obligations to be restructured impacts overall fees.

Complexity of the Restructuring – More complicated cases involving multiple MCA lenders or legal issues may have higher fees.

Duration of the Process – Drawn out restructuring negotiations can result in increased fees over time.

Understanding these factors provides helpful context for businesses to better understand the fees associated with their unique situation.

Strategies to Minimize Fees

When navigating the MCA restructuring process, there are a few strategies businesses can employ to minimize fees:

Understand the Fee Structure – Research and compare providers’ fee structures to not only find the most cost-effective option, but the one that best aligns with your thinking and likely offers you the best value.

Efficient Documentation – Streamlined documentation and prompt responses to requests can help reduce administrative fees.  Once you engage a reputable company that has MCA attorney led teams, follow their advice.  Provide all requested documentation correctly, the first time. 

Excellent Communication & Responsiveness – Treat your MCA debt restructuring legal team as your most important business partners.  Let’s face it, for most in this dire predicament, without a successful outcome in the MCA debt restructuring process, they’d likely be filling for bankruptcy protection.  This relationship matters 100% to the future of your business.  Treat it carefully and with respect.  If you handle it right, you’re going to get a 2nd chance.

While MCA debt restructuring services involve costs, being an informed and savvy consumer can help businesses control fees, maximize savings, and achieve the most effective outcomes.

Certain Fees Shouldn’t Be a Mystery – Get a Transparent Fee Breakdown Today!

Facing substantial MCA debt, you deserve clarity and transparency when examining MCA debt restructuring solutions. At Value Capital Funding, we offer an honest look at fees and are committed to your financial well-being. To receive a comprehensive fee breakdown and personalized consultation at zero cost, contact us today. Our experts are ready to help you resolve MCA debt and put your business back on stable ground.

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