If you were to ask people what they were afraid of, a lot would answer that public speaking scares them. The truth is that over half of the population cites speaking in public as one of their fears. If you’re one of those people uncomfortable by speaking in public, you may be worried about how qualified you are for a leadership position. After all, to be a leader means that you have to be comfortable having a voice. Of course, there are ways to beat the public speaking scaries. Here is how.

Change Your State of Mind

First, you need to stop talking negatively about public speaking. The more you talk down public speaking, the more you are telling yourself to feel that way. If you say you hate it and say that it makes you nervous from the start, then you are essentially making a promise to yourself that you will be nervous and afraid when you have to speak in public. Sometimes, positive self-talk can make all of the difference. Change your language when regarding it. Talk about enjoying it and make your brain believe you.

Practice What You Want to Say

If you’re unprepared for a speech, then you have every reason to be nervous. However, if you’ve practiced public speaking enough times, then it starts to turn normal. On one hand, make sure that you practice specific talks. Also, make sure that you take opportunities to get public speaking practice. Over time, those jitters will go away. Good leadership takes practice.

Be Prepared for Anything

Don’t go into a talk without being prepared. Those who aren’t prepared will be more nervous and tend to have a tougher time getting their point across. If you know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it, then you aren’t going to have as many problems. Make sure that you know your audience because this will help you formulate what you have to say. Next, consider your objectives. Once you have all of that figured out, you can prepare your materials and the presentation.

Consider Training

If you really want to polish your public speaking skills, then you might want to think about training and education. There are programs that can help you learn to present better. These resources tend to help in a person’s confidence levels.

If you have a leadership position but need help with your public speaking, then it’s important to take the steps to make yourself more comfortable. Public speaking does not have to be scary.