Forget about furious battles with competitors or international trade disputes: the biggest challenges facing many businesses are the internal ones. This can include everything from new ways to motivate employees to perform better, to how to create safe, secure workplaces. Owners are also always eager to cut costs and increase revenue.

Businesses also need to focus on making sure every employee practices good productivity and focuses on doing their job well all the time.

Industrial companies of the past used to get away with yelling at line workers, a management practice that hopefully isn’t used as widely as it used to be.

So instead, they have to either find other ways to encourage productivity in their people, something that often has to come from within.

Try these strategies:

Resist distractions

They’ll come at you from all corners, especially in a busy organization, and can take the form of co-workers wanting your time or digital distractions like emails or texts. Even the chime of either can interrupt whatever you’re working on and take you time to find your place again. Instead, consider limiting email or text time to certain points of the day, or at least dedicate 10 minutes every hour.

Have better snacks

Many workplace vending machines are stocked with items to give a quick sugar rush and a burst of energy but then leave you feeling more fatigued. If you’re seeking better productivity, bring some healthier from home. This also includes taking time to eat a full breakfast, dinner or lunch rather than pushing hard to work through mealtimes.

Plan ahead

It can be fun to be spontaneous and take what comes at certain jobs, but in order to better enjoy that freedom and being open to whatever, it helps to be prepared by using your time well. Instead of taking time to go to coffee at work, make it before you leave home. Instead of taking time to choose what to wear in the morning, do it the night before.

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