Going green not only impresses eco-conscious potential clients, but also has a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Many of the needed changes are simple and involve only a moderate initial expenditure of time and money for much greater long-term effects. Be sure to accompany your new environmental consciousness with an official mission statement, and display the certificates and badges your company earns on its website. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Purchase Recycled Materials

Even in this digital era, businesses go through vast volumes of paper. To reduce environmental impact, purchase post-consumer waste, or PCW, paper products and packaging. If you are unable to find 100 percent PCW products, buy supplies with as much PCW content as possible. To keep the cycle going, be sure to recycle your own paper refuse. Additionally, consider buying good used furniture instead of new when you need replacements.

Save Electricity

Heating and cooling your buildings uses a vast amount of electricity. Reduce costs and save the environment by performing an energy audit to seal up the cracks and leaks. Investing in LED or compact-fluorescent bulbs costs more initially but saves you energy and money in the long term. Changing out old appliances for more efficient Energy Star appliances also involves a higher up-front expenditure but long-term savings.

Switch to Alternative Energy Sources

Find out if your utility provider offers you the option of purchasing your electricity from an alternative energy source such as hydro, geothermal, or solar power. This may involve a slight increase in your electric bill, but the public relations advantage is immeasurable. Try reducing your transportation impact on the environment by switching to pedaling a bike, riding the public bus or train, or driving an alternative fuel or hybrid vehicle.

Use Environmentally Friendly Products

In your office and home, insist on using biodegradable cleaning products to reduce your environmental footprint. Additionally, choose non-toxic options for your personal health care products.

Patronize Green Companies

Show solidarity in your effort to improve the environment by doing business with other green companies. For instance, green web hosts take efforts to reduce their own environmental impact and also promote environmental renewal programs.

For more advice on eco-friendly business practices, consult with Value Capital Funding.