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Please Meet:
Jeff Kornfeld, Principal
Value Capital Funding
Commercial Finance Consultant

My Role:
Quite simply, I am your initial point of contact at VCF.

I’m really a very social guy, so when I reach out to you for our initial phone call, please take the call.  I promise I won’t bite!  I find it is productive for YOU if we talk about…

  • You and your business (like what you do, what service or product you provide, who your customers are, etc.)
  • The sequence of events in your business that lead you to need financing
  • Any ongoing cash flow issues your business may have (so that we may offer long-term solutions for you as well)
  • Anything else of importance that you feel we would need to know
  • All of THAT is going to help us help YOU by getting your loan across the finish line in the quickest time possible, with the best terms possible for you and your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Take a look at these. Maybe you were asking yourself some of these very same questions!

1. My business needs working capital, but my credit isn’t that great. Can I still qualify?

Answer:  YES, you can.  We are able to work with and finance businesses whose owners have challenged personal credit profiles.  We have access to a well-developed network of national banks and specialty financing firms, many of whom work with business owners with challenged credit across numerous industries.

2. I’ve heard about financing options for business owners with poor personal credit. Aren’t those options going to be very expensive?

Answer:  Naturally, the cost of capital is higher if your personal credit score is low.  The best scenario for this higher cost financing is for businesses that have a short-term need for capital, using that capital in a way that will add more revenue and profitability to your business.

3. I already have some debt on the books that I’m paying back. Would this keep me from being able to secure more capital for my business now?

Answer:  No. We have applicants routinely come to us to refinance their debt. We also have applicants come to us who want to refinance their debt and get some fresh working capital at the same time.  In some instances, we have applicants come to us with business debt that is just too new to refinance but they need fresh working capital today, so we might look to do an “affordable stack”.  This is basically like a bridge loan to refinancing to get you the cash you need TODAY until your other debt is old enough to refinance.  Most of our banks and finance companies will look at your business’s monthly cash flow to determine the amount of fresh cash to offer you.  As long as your business has enough cash flow to make the payments you are currently making, and be able to make additional payments on top of that for any new loan, then you can qualify for additional financing.  Of course, you must be able to do this comfortably and  without too much stress on your business’s cash flow.

4. My business is in need of funds quickly. How fast can I get the funds I need?

Answer:  In most cases, you can get your working capital in as little as 24-48 hours, sometimes even the same day you apply.  Frankly, a lot depends on you giving us the few documents we need to get you your funding offers (3 most recent business bank statements, valid ID, and a signed application).

5. What kind of interest rates can I expect?

Answer:  We have programs that offer fixed interest rates starting as low as 6.99% and others that are up over 25%.  It just depends what YOU qualify for.  Lenders adjust rates for risk based on things like your business and personal credit profile, existing debt levels, time in business, your industry, and other important factors.  Much will depend on what YOUR cash flow can qualify you for.

6. Do you work with start-ups? (FYI: For most banks and finance companies, you are still a startup until you are in your 3rd year of business)

Answer:  We do work with all kinds of start-up businesses.  Lenders have different lending criteria for start-up businesses than they do for more established businesses, so it is best to contact us first so that we can discuss your qualifications to see if you meet the criteria of our lenders.  However, the 2 biggest criteria are:

  • Need 10% equity injection, or down payment: Lenders like to see borrowers with skin in the game.
  • Lenders look at the strength of the business owner’s personal financial assets. They want to see that the borrower will have a minimum of 3-6 months of business expenses in reserve after the equity injection has been made.

7. I have good credit but my business partner doesn’t. Will that stop us from getting financing?

Answer:  Not necessarily.  FICO scores are not always the most important factor when a lender is evaluating a potential borrower’s file.  It depends on the type of financing you are looking for.  Usually, so long as each applicant has scores above 500 and doesn’t currently have tax liens, bankruptcies, or judgements, we can work them.