Short-Term Working Capital

Short-Term Working Capital

Generally speaking, short-term working capital loans are designed to smooth out cash flow lulls and allow business owners to deal with unexpected emergencies or to take advantage of opportunities. These loans generally have a shorter life span, meaning that you pay them back quickly, typically in one-year or less. Working capital loans are intended to meet immediate needs rather than to fund long-term goals. They fill temporary funding holes so that you’re able to continue with business as usual.

Short-term working capital loans are easy to apply for, require very little documentation, no collateral, can be approved with less than stellar credit profiles, and can be funded in just days. But what kind of short-term working capital is best for your particular situation? Take a look at some of your funding options to learn more.

Merchant Cash Advance

This easy to apply for loan gives you access to short-term working capital quickly. It is a great solution for businesses with fluctuating sales.

Short-Term Loans

These can be used for a variety of business purposes and are funded in just days. Loan terms range from 12 months to 36 months.

SBA Bridge Loans

A short-term infusion of capital can help you bridge the gap until your SBA financing comes through.
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