Long-term goals aren’t easy to reach without sustained focus. Lots of people have goals that they want to accomplish, but that they aren’t meeting. If you have a to-do list with lots of long-term goals, break those goals down into small things that take just 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes will snowball into greater things. Focus on productivity.

Big goals need to be manageable

Long-term goals are often lofty. You can’t always accomplish your long-term goals in one month or even one year. Breaking your goals into small manageable items that can go on a to-do list will give you the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Learn self-discipline in 15-minute increments

It’s hard to maintain focus for long periods of time. It’s easier to practice in 15-minutes intervals. Self-discipline creates change in your life. Using a to-do list can help with your productivity. You get more done because you’re seeing what you’re accomplishing.

Set aside 15 minutes for goals you want to accomplish

When you can’t seem to get motivated to reach goals, even though you’ve set aside 15 minutes for that something, maybe it’s time to rethink your goals. Many times, people make goals without thinking them through. If you’re having problems giving 15 minutes a day towards a goal, reflect on why it’s so difficult. Change your goals toward what really matters to you.  

You’re in charge of your productivity

Every person only has 24 hours each day. How much you get done depends on your focus, your priorities and your dedication. Having a to-do broken into 15 minute increments can really increase your productivity to the point where you feel you are making progress toward your long-term goals.

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