There are plenty of ingredients that can combine to encourage a business to grow.

Some are difficult to control, like the economy. But others can be affected by strategic decisions made by company owners and managers, such as quality products, efficient processes, excellent customer service and great marketing.

Building a strong business team can also play an important role in overall business growth. Leaders can inspire employees to push harder, communicate well, and solve various challenges as a company ramps up.

Likewise, weaker managers can decrease motivation, make things confusing or difficult, and make it even more difficult to see more growth.

Planning for smart business growth can include some of the following efforts:

Properly defined management roles. Yes, at the start-up stage, everyone does everything. Smaller-sized companies are also a good opportunity for the whole pitch in. But as a company grows, duties should be more defined to more tasks appearing on everyone’s plate. That means the CFO should try to focus on what he or she is responsible for, such as financials. A CTO can focus more on technology and so on.

Hire for adaptability. If business growth is one of the company’s goals, some roles and duties might change after they get hired. So that’s why hiring managers can let candidates know that change is coming and be ready. Some may not necessarily be flexible if tasks and even facilities are disrupted as the company grows.

Hire for specific needs.  At the same time, candidates with specific knowledge may also be an asset. While you may have hired your friends or neighbors or “people who can do anything” in your early days when that was what was needed, you might want to look for people who are experts in certain areas – and even afford higher-quality talent.

Learn more about their backgrounds. While anyone can look good on paper or in an hour interview, it helps to research into a candidate’s history, especially a top manager. How did they contribute to a previous employer’s success?

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