Whether it’s a new startup or a decades-old corporation, a business needs a healthy office environment to thrive. This article looks at some ways your business can give employees a space they love to work in.


Lighting can be tricky in an office environment. Bright glare can annoy and distract workers, while a dim, gloomy office may depress them. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, poor lighting can contribute to problems like strained eyes and headaches. To avoid such problems, seek feedback from your employees on the lighting in their workspaces. An additional option is to look into automated shades, which adjust to the sun’s position to provide optimal lighting.

Break Rooms

It’s important for every office environment to have a space where employees can get away from their desk, grab refreshments, and take a break from work. A break room with amenities like an espresso machine and snacks can help your employees feel rested and engaged throughout a long workday.

Be Flexible

If your office space allows for it, it pays to be flexible. Not everyone thrives in an open office environment, but it can be helpful for people to be able to drop in to different work spaces. One option is to invest in rolling desks, which allow workers to situate themselves wherever they’ll perform best on a given task. They can visit coworkers when collaboration is necessary or retreat to an individual space when they need to focus on their own.

Check on Air Quality

Bad air is a literally invisible problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides some problems to look out for, including poor ventilation. Two countermeasures to bad air are making sure the building’s air filters are in working order and keeping plants around the office.