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We purposely named our company Value Capital Funding to let the marketplace know that our purpose is to provide Value for your business.

To this end, we have two key areas of specialty:

  1. Working Capital:
    We offer good credit applicants $25,000 – $200,000 of Working Capital with MONTHLY payments and a 5-year term. This is not a merchant cash advance or factored loan product, and there are no restrictions on how you can use the funds. Even better, the funds are in your bank account in just 7-9 days. Find out more.

  2. Debt Restructuring:
    We assist businesses that currently have too much high-cost debt on their books and may be struggling to make their payments. The most common type of debt are merchant cash advances, or other high-cost factored loan products. We do this without using any new loans. There are no upfront fees, no minimum FICO, and no collateral needed. We generally reduce a business’s debt payments by an average of 40% – 60% in just days. Some have said that it is like creating cash-flow out of thin air. Find out more.

Working Capital & Debt Restructuring For Your Business.

Our Working Capital Program offers 5-year, monthly-pay working capital from $25K – $200K to good credit quality applicants.  We can pre-approve you in just 24 hours and get you your financing in just 7 – 9 days.  This is not a merchant cash advance or factored loan product and there are no daily or weekly payments.

Our Debt Restructuring Programs fit just about any situation your business finds itself in.  If your debt payments are just too much for your business’s cash flow to handle right now, we have a solution.  Good credit or challenged credit, we can improve your business’s cash flow and lower your debt payments QUICKLY. 

Working Capital

We offer 5-year, monthly-pay working capital from $25K – $200K to good credit quality applicants. We can pre-approve you in just 24 hours and get your financing in just 7 – 9 days. Applying is simple. All it takes is a 1-page application, last month’s business bank statement, and a copy of your driver’s license.

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Debt Restructuring

We can lower your debt payments an average of 40% – 60% without any effect on your personal or business credit, and there is no minimum FICO needed to qualify for the program.

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Want to help yourself AND your local community?

How about doing it with a $100 restaurant gift card on us?

Value Capital Funding would like to do our part to GIVE BACK to local communities across America.  We’re going to Main Street, USA or maybe even…Main Street near-your-street.

So, while we help you lower your debt payments, we can also help a local restaurant in your community through our Restaurant Gift Card Program.

Here’s how it works:

When you receive a Debt Restructuring Offer Sheet from us, we will give you a $100 gift card (whether you actually become our client or not!) for a restaurant of your choosing in your local community so you can help support other local business owners in your area. YOU pick the place; WE buy the gift card. You’ll get the card by email, or snail mail, and it’s yours to enjoy…curbside pickup, take out, patio dining, or indoor seating. Use it as you like, but we know that local restaurant owner will be mighty happy to see you driving up. Truly a win-win for everyone.

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