Cloud-based software is enabling higher levels of collaboration among business teams than ever before, but effective collaboration is not a given, even when you provide tools to your team members to help the process along.

Management from the top on down, must support collaborative efforts in the company, in order for them to really gain traction, and for there to be a true spirit of cooperation among all employees.

Establishing team goals

Establishing goals for your business teams will immediately provide a shared view for all team members, and will give them something to focus on through all their daily activities, even when they’re not together. By establishing plans, structured content, and timelines which clearly delineate goals during the coming period, you can provide all team members with a shared purpose and a shared objective.

Build a creative environment

One way that management can accelerate the process of collaboration on business teams, is to create an environment which allows for open and non-judgmental thinking, and where members feel free to express themselves. Brainstorming is one good way to accomplish this, and another is establishing a system of communications which allows for an easy workflow, a distinct set of priorities, and a sense of belonging for all team members.

Removal of barriers

Collaboration is always most effective when business team members are using a single method of communication among members, rather than multiple methods. Team members should decide on one method of communication which works for everyone and which includes everyone. This will allow for the creation of a great number of terrific ideas which everyone can consider and critique, before executing those ideas which are deemed to be of the most value to the company.

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