Merchant Processing Services

Our dedication to eliminating credit card processing headaches, hassles, and hidden fees remains as steadfast as ever. Our credit card processing solution integrates with a wide variety of terminal and software options, including the latest mobile and EMV solutions.

  • Access to wholesale (interchange) pricing from MC/Visa, Discover and American Express. Does not have a buy rate, thus no middle man.
  • More aggressive and less greedy than larger competitors and banks. Can save 92% of businesses money on credit card processing fees.
  • Savings typically range from 20% – 40%
  • Portfolio wide, average savings is 27%
  • Personalized merchant support versus industry standard call center. Do business on first name basis instead of merchant number.
  • Superior processing solution (virtual terminal) for Card-Not-Present business profile. Interchange Optimization.
  • Wholesale pricing, personalized support, superior technology

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