Today, marketing, sales and overall business success are centered around relationships. Your company’s entire relationship history with each customer (even before they become a customer) is crucial to making a sale and winning customer loyalty. Future customers or clients research your business thoroughly before dealing with you—and they’re concerned about everything, especially customer service.

Is Your Company Worth Being Friends With?

Potential customers judge your business by the same qualities they would consider when making a new potential friend. Your company reviews, mission and “character” matter almost as much as your pricing. What’s more, the entire customer experience each client has with your business is important. That’s because if you don’t impress them and gain their trust, another similar business will. Humanizing your business helps you gain these valuable relationships and sales.

Stellar Customer Service: The Key to Building a Valuable Customer Connection

Customer service is the foundation of all of the above. Customer care is what establishes the essential relationship and human-to-human connection between your business and the customer or potential customer. Customer service defines your company’s character, integrity and “personality.” Customer service is the front line of your business, and the most human, trust-building element of your company. Top customer care leaves customers with a good feeling about your business. They’ll keep dealing with you because of how you’ve made them feel—due to the personal touch of good customer service.

The Power of Long Term Customer Relationships and How to Keep them

Maintaining and growing the customer relationship is dependent upon excellent customer service. Keeping your exiting customers is, of course, much cheaper than constantly winning new customers. Long-term customers can bring you repeat business, up-sells, and excellent lifetime value. They can amplify their own value by bringing in new customers. Loyal customers can become evangelists promoting your company and providing high-quality referrals (other low-cost customer acquisitions).

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