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At Value Capital Funding, we specialize in providing comprehensive MCA debt relief solutions tailored specifically for businesses in the construction industry. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by construction professionals, our services aim to alleviate the burdens associated with merchant cash advances (MCAs). Whether you’re grappling with inflexible repayment terms, high-interest rates, or the pressure of managing weekly payments on your MCA for construction, our strategic approach empowers you to regain control of your financial situation and set your construction business on a path to success.

Merchant cash advances can present significant challenges for business owners in the construction industry. With rigid repayment terms, high interest rates, and the stress of managing weekly payments, these financial obstacles can impede the growth and stability of your construction business. At Value Capital Funding, we understand these pain points, and our MCA debt relief services are designed to address them effectively. By restructuring your merchant cash advance debt and providing more flexible terms, we empower you to make informed financial decisions, fostering the future success of your construction business.

Our experienced team at Value Capital Funding offers a range of MCA debt relief services tailored to meet the specific needs of construction professionals. With a proven track record in the industry, we bring expertise and knowledge to the table, ensuring that our clients receive customized solutions that align with the unique dynamics of the construction sector. From restructuring debt to exploring lines of credit, we are committed to helping construction businesses thrive in a competitive financial landscape.

Value Capital Funding understands the intricacies of the construction industry and the financial challenges that business owners face. Our tailored MCA debt relief services are crafted with the construction professional in mind, providing a clear pathway to financial freedom. By offering strategic solutions and personalized support, we empower you to overcome financial obstacles and achieve long-term success in your construction endeavors. Send us a message or book a free consultation to discover how our MCA debt relief services can benefit your construction business.

Why Choose Value Capital Funding's MCA Debt Relief Services for Your Construction Business's MCA Debt?

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Industry Expertise – At Value Capital Funding, we bring a wealth of experience in providing MCA debt relief services tailored to the unique needs of the construction industry. Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by construction professionals positions us as a trusted partner in navigating the financial complexities specific to your business.


Tailored Solutions – We recognize that each construction business is unique. Our MCA debt relief services are not one-size-fits-all; instead, they are customized to address your specific pain points. Whether it’s restructuring debt, exploring lines of credit, or offering strategic financial advice, our solutions are crafted with your business in mind.

Proven Track Record – Success speaks volumes. Our track record in assisting construction businesses with MCA debt relief is a testament to our effectiveness. We’ve helped numerous clients overcome financial hurdles, restructure debt, and pave the way for sustainable growth in the construction industry.


Speed and Efficiency – Time is of the essence for construction businesses. Our streamlined processes prioritize speed and efficiency, ensuring that you receive prompt and effective MCA debt relief services. From the initial consultation to implementing tailored solutions, we expedite the entire process.

MCA Debt Restructuring for Construction

In the construction industry, managing cash flow is crucial. Our MCA Debt Restructuring services provide a lifeline for businesses facing the challenges of high interest rates and rigid repayment terms.

We work closely with construction professionals to negotiate more favorable terms, offering flexibility and relief from the burden of merchant cash advance debt. This tailored approach allows businesses to regain control, reduce payments, and pave the way for sustainable growth.

MCA Debt Refinancing for Construction

At Value Capital Funding, we get that construction businesses need money quickly. We offer a helping hand with our MCA debt refinancing services, finding you affordable loans through banks or private lenders.


If you’re looking to refinance more than a half-million dollars in MCA debt, we usually set it up so you can pay it back over 12 to 20 years. You’d pay every month, and the plan is designed so you pay it all off by the end. The interest rate? Expect something between 10% to 12% a year.


We help you swap out expensive debt for something more affordable. This means you’ll spend less on debt payments and have more cash to grow your business and tackle new opportunities.


MCA Debt Consolidation for Construction

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Construction businesses juggling multiple merchant cash advances can find relief through our MCA debt consolidation services. By offering FDIC bank and private credit sourced Lines of Credit and Bank Term Loans, we consolidate debts into a single, manageable payment.


This streamlined approach not only simplifies financial obligations but also provides construction professionals with extended repayment terms and lower interest rates. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple commitments and embrace a consolidated, cost-effective solution.

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MCA Debt Relief for Construction


At Value Capital Funding, our MCA debt relief services are vital for construction businesses facing financial distress. Our industry-focused expertise allows us to tailor solutions that alleviate the strain of high-interest merchant cash advances.


By either refinancing your MCAs using much cheaper loans, or negotiating with funders, we reduce payments, extend repayment terms, and consolidate debt. Let us guide your construction business toward reduced financial burdens, improved cash flow, and a more secure financial future.


1. Consult

Our FREE consultation allows us to evaluate your situation. This way, we can learn more about you and your business so we can provide custom solutions.


2. Strategize

All businesses and situations are unique which is why we don’t believe in a one size fits all strategy. Our team will thoroughly analyze your business structure and discuss with you what payment levels are affordable for you. We will then customize a sustainable plan that fits your needs. You can reasonably expect to see your payments drop an average of 50% – 75% immediately.

3. Negotiate

The legal team assigned to your case will work with your MCA providers to restructure or settle your debt*. They will ensure that all agreements and settlements are legally binding and enforceable, providing you with peace of mind and protection.


4. Implement

Once the plan is in place, we will work closely with you to implement the new payment structure and ensure that all parties are satisfied with the new terms. We will also provide ongoing support to ensure that your payments remain manageable and that your business is able to thrive.


5. Monitor

We will closely monitor your progress and provide regular updates on your debt status. We will also work with you to identify any potential issues that may arise and take steps to address them.

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6. Exit

Once your debt is fully paid off, we will work with you to ensure a smooth exit from the program. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and resources to help you continue to manage your cashflow and ensure that your business remains successful in the long-term.

Unlock Financial Stability for Your Construction Business with MCA Debt Relief

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Are high-interest merchant cash advances impacting your construction business? Value Capital Funding specializes in MCA debt relief for construction, offering tailored solutions to alleviate financial burdens. Take control of your cash flow, reduce payments, and pave the way for sustainable growth. Our expertise in the construction industry ensures a strategic approach to negotiating better terms, consolidating debt, and providing relief from the challenges of merchant cash advances. Don’t let financial stress hinder your construction business; choose Value Capital Funding and embark on a journey towards reduced burdens, improved cash flow, and financial stability. Contact us at 800-944-6280 and secure the future of your construction business. 

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Meet your team.

Our team has restructured/settled millions in MCA debt and we’re here to help you take back control of your business.

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Jeff Kornfeld

Principal & Business Debt Consultant

Jeff is one of the 3 principals here at Value Capital Funding, a family-owned and operated business since 2018.

Jeff comes from a numbers crunching background having spent much of his career in the mortgage and insurance industries.

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Barry Kornfeld

Principal & Business Debt Consultant

Barry is another principal here at Value Capital Funding and Jeff’s brother as well.

Barry has extensive experience in the financial & debt fields going all the way back to his career start in the mid 80’s as a business credit analyst for a large regional bank in Virginia.

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Ferne Kornfeld

Principal & Business Debt Consultant

Ferne is the 3rd principal here at Value Capital Funding as well as Barry’s wife and Jeff’s sister-in-law. Ferne heads the loan processing department and ISO relations.

She started out in the marketing & advertising field, took a 5-yr. hiatus from business to raise her 2 boys, and re-entered the workforce to work in the insurance & finance industry.
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Payment Analysts

All payment analysts have extensive knowledge of the business debt field & come from a variety of backgrounds including banking, accounting, and personal debt resolution.

Their main focus is working to make clients’ restructured MCA debt payments affordable and sustainable throughout their program duration.
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Case Managers

Each client is assigned a case manager who will handle their day-to-day client communication and who will be responsible for updating the client as their restructuring negotiations progress.

The case manager is also the point of contact regarding any & all communication going directly from the funders to the client.

They are here to “manage the day-to-day processing of your case”. Their primary function is to make this process as effortless & painless as possible for you.
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Your Legal Team

Upon signing on for our debt restructuring program, your case will be carefully assessed, and your legal team assigned.

Your legal team will be made up of experienced attorneys who specialize in merchant cash advance relief and have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding debt restructuring.

They are experts in negotiation and have a proven track record of successfully restructuring and settling merchant cash advance debt for our clients.

Value Capital Funding

Contact us today at 800-944-6280 to embark on your journey toward financial freedom and explore the boundless potential of MCA debt consolidation with Value Capital Funding by your side.

* Value Capital Funding is not a law firm. We work with specialty law firms as part of our process. As such, nothing on this website is to be considered legal advice. Also, while the debt restructuring results shown on this website are typical, they cannot be guaranteed in advance. Each scenario is different, which is why we encourage you to talk with us about your own unique situation. If an MCA problem is plaguing your business, time is not your friend and it’s most often in your own best interest to act sooner, rather than later.


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