How to Survive the Most Common Small Business Pitfalls

Launching a small business is hard—and it can be even harder if you fall into the same common mistakes millions of entrepreneurs have before. Luckily, there are ways to avoid harm from such mistakes, as this article shows. Watch Out... Read More

Simple Steps to Take in the Morning to Improve Your Workday

The adage that morning is the most productive time of day is especially true for businesspeople. Establishing a routine that enhances morning productivity is an essential aspect of work life balance. Here are some tips to help you optimize the... Read More

Innovation Will Maintain Business Success

In most business environments, maintaining a competitive advantage involves constant innovation. Because modern technology quickly publicizes changes and upgrades to products and services, unscrupulous competitors take advantage of this access to replicate them. These trends make constant improvisation and innovation... Read More

Before You Buy a Franchise, Ask Yourself These Questions

Buying a franchise can be an exciting opportunity, but you should consider your options carefully before doing so. To help you in that process, this article covers the topics of selecting the right franchise, researching specific franchises, and franchise financing.... Read More

Business Mergers: How They Work and How They Differ

Horizontal business mergers involve combining two businesses that have similar products, services, and target customers. For example, two companies that offer apartment-cleaning services that merge would be participating in a horizontal merger. The chief advantage of a horizontal merger is... Read More

Business Growth: Setting Your Company up for Success

The No. 1 thing people should know about business growth is that one size never fits all. Every business team has different ideas of what size they want to grow to and how to get there. Is there a certain... Read More

What Does it Take to Grow Your Business?

There are plenty of ingredients that can combine to encourage a business to grow. Some are difficult to control, like the economy. But others can be affected by strategic decisions made by company owners and managers, such as quality products,... Read More

SBA Loan Advice for Small Business Owners

Often additional funding is required to move small businesses along to their next stages of growth. However, applying for loans from the Small Business Administration can be a daunting process that is even more difficult if you are unprepared. Here... Read More

Why do you Need a Business Team?

One of the best things you can do to succeed in business is have other people working with you. You don’t necessarily need a staff of dozens, hundreds, or thousands. All you really need is a group of people able... Read More

3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Office Environment

Workplaces vary significantly depending on industry, location, and the proclivities of the owners. However, regardless of their idiosyncrasies, companies that provide surroundings most conducive to employee efficiency, safety, health, and well-being are more likely to prosper. Here are some tips... Read More
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