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BY Value Capital Funding

November 3, 2023

How to Avoid Getting into Multiple MCA Debt in the Future

How to Avoid Getting into Multiple MCA Debt in the Future

Hey there, fellow business owner. We get it. Running a small business can be overwhelming, especially when you’re juggling quick funding options like Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) to keep things afloat. It’s easy to fall into the trap of accumulating multiple MCAs, and that can lead to major anxiety and financial struggles. But don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through strategies to avoid that debt cycle and offer specialized solutions from Value Capital Funding. Let’s ease those nerves and pave a stable path for your business’s growth.

Understanding the Allure of Merchant Cash Advances

If you’re like most, you’ve probably turned to MCAs because they seem like a lifeline for swift cash injections without collateral hassles. They’re approved based on your average sales volumes, which sounds great, right? But let’s face the reality: MCAs come with their own set of complexities, like factor rates instead of interest rates and high daily and weekly repayment amounts. It’s a flexible deal, but it’s crucial to see the potential pitfalls.

Escaping the MCA Debt Trap

Anxious? Overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Relying too much on MCAs can create a never-ending cycle of debt that eats into your cash flow. Handling multiple MCAs with different terms is like walking on a financial tightrope – one wrong step can lead to disaster. We get it, and we’re here to help you navigate these challenges.  One fact we have learned over the years is that excessive MCA debt never takes care of itself.

Finding Calm Through Strategic Debt Planning

Take a deep breath. We understand your worries, and that’s why our attorney-led expert teams, spearheaded by Value Capital Funding, are here for you. We specialize in crafting personalized plans to help you regain control over your financial situation. Even if you’re already in default or sense it’s coming around the corner.  You’re not alone, and you can stop the downward spiral, but you need to take action.  With strategies like using attorney-led teams to renegotiate your MCA terms and consolidating debts into one greatly reduced payment, we can help you regain control of your business.  We’re on a mission to ease your burden and pave the way for your business’s long-term success.  You can do this!

Dealing with MCA Debt: Your Financial Allies

Picture this: a team of financial specialists ready to tackle your MCA debt anxieties head-on. Our experienced attorney-led teams are your allies in this journey. They’ll sit down with your MCA providers, meticulously working to restructure or settle your debt. The result? Legally binding agreements that lessen the weight of high-interest debts on your shoulders.  You can’t hit the ‘do over’ button like when we were kids in the school yard, but this is why they make erasers on pencils – so specialized attorneys can renegotiate and change or restructure contracts.  It’s done all the time with governments, like Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, etc. and also with big corporations also like US Air, Hertz, Wynn Resorts who recently restructured their excessive debt just to name a few.  Same rules as the big boys apply for small businesses, too.  You just need a team who knows the rules of the road.  Just like a podiatrist doesn’t fill a cavity in your tooth, you need the right legal team to implement and execute your plan.  Your business attorney is not an MCA debt restructuring specialist.

Customized Plans for Instant Relief

We know your business is unique, just like your worries. That’s why we analyze your situation, crafting customized plans that immediately reduce your payments by a staggering 50% to 75%. Imagine the relief of immediate financial breathing room. And remember, you’re never alone. Your dedicated case manager is your go-to support, ensuring the process is smooth and hassle-free.

A Peaceful Mindset for a Brighter Future

Anxiety can take a toll on anyone, but with our attorney-led debt restructuring, you can sleep a little easier. Knowing professionals are diligently securing the best outcome for you brings peace of mind and a greater sense of hope and optimism grounded in the facts. Your mental and financial stability is our top priority, and our teams are here to empower you to regain control over your business’s future.  There are never any upfront fees required, too.

Empowerment Through Debt Refinancing

Hey, we’ve got more strategies up our sleeves. If multiple MCAs got you down, consider our proactive solution: debt refinancing. Value Capital Funding often utilizes FDIC Bank Term Loans and FDIC Lines of Credit – exclusive options to help creditworthy borrowers overcome challenges and refinance their expensive MCA instruments.

Unpacking FDIC Bank Term Loans and Lines of Credit

Ready to turn the tide? These solutions are your lifelines. FDIC Bank Term Loans and Lines of Credit offer comprehensive debt consolidation with lower rates, and long maturities all with monthly repayments – slashing your interest burden – and improving your cash flow. Imagine the impact of extra breathing room in your finances. The application process is a breeze, and unsecured funds can be yours in as little as 10 to 14 business days.

Flexible FDIC Bank Lines of Credit

Flexibility is the name of the game, and that’s why FDIC Bank Lines of Credit are your allies. Access funds when you need them to manage unexpected expenses, grasp opportunities, and handle daily operational needs. It’s your financial opportunity and safety net.  Draw down and repay as needed.  Then, rinse and repeat and do it again and again.  Form lasting financing relationships with real FDIC bankers who want to help bankroll you and your company’s growth.  An FDIC Bank LOC is typically the most valuable tool in the business owner’s toolbox.

Your Journey to Stability Starts Now

We’re in this together. Value Capital Funding isn’t just a small business debt consultant; we’re your partner in your business journey, proving value to you in every step of the way. With our help, your anxious moments won’t define you. With approval rates on FDIC bank LOCs and term loans exceeding 70%, we’ve got the expertise and pre-application consulting service to guide you through these challenges and help you secure the financing you need.  Success based pricing also – no FDIC bank loan, no fee – ever.

Say Goodbye to MCA Stress with Value Capital Funding

Ready to breathe easier? We’re here to help you break free from the shackles of multiple MCAs. Whether it’s our attorney-led debt restructuring if you’re excessively leveraged, or the power of FDIC Bank Term Loans and FDIC Bank Lines of Credit, we’ve got the tools to empower you to greatly reduce your repayment outlay and rejuvenate your cash flow. Goodbye stress, hello tailored solutions.

Discover Relief Today

Ready to transform your financial future? Embrace the benefits of either FDIC-backed financing – with lower rates, manageable terms, and predictable payments, or with MCA debt restructuring, using attorney-led teams. Take the leap towards stability and financial flexibility. Don’t wait; start your journey toward peace of mind with Value Capital Funding. Call us now at 800-944-6280 and take that first step towards a brighter, more secure business future.

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