The owner of a four-year-old staffing company in New Mexico that was generating approximately $725,000 a year lost a key client and their revenue took a big hit.

The owner had two merchant cash advances and a small line of credit totaling $125,000. He was paying almost $3,450 per week with most of that going out daily, but due to the interruption in his business, it didn’t take long for him to fall behind on the two MCAs and, right on cue, the nasty phone calls and emails started coming.

The owner was unsure what to do, so he reached out to his loan broker for help. Fortunately for the owner, his broker had seen an article in a recent edition of NACLB’s online magazine and he reached out to Value Capital to learn more about our debt restructuring program.

Value Capital informed him that the program has a 90% acceptance rate, no collateral requirements, no upfront costs and no minimum FICO requirements. A second restructuring option would be to help the owner receive affordable working capital with monthly payments and a five-year term that he could use to pay off his debt.  In other words, the owner could potentially refinance his MCA’s into a five-year, monthly pay credit facility.

Within 24 hours after receiving minimal docs (an application, one bank statement and a driver’s license), Value Capital notified the loan broker that his client had been pre-approved for $170,000. The owner’s payments dropped from $3,450 per week ($14,950 per month) to $4,271 per month! In this case, the owner paid off his debts and obtained an additional $45,000 in working capital with monthly payments and a five-year term.

So why is the owner one of the loan broker’s favorite clients? Very simple. The loan broker had earned commission on the MCA’s and small line of credit. The loan broker then earned another 9% commission ($15,300) on the new $170,000 working capital financing!

This story has an even better ending. The owner recently picked up two new clients and they expect to break $1,000,000 in sales this year.

Want to build a book, or chase yet another one-and-done transaction? Do you have clients who need your help? Who doesn’t need five-year, monthly pay, affordable working capital to grow their business these days?

Smart ISO’s like the loan broker working with Value Capital recognize the importance of having the right tools in their toolbox to help their existing and new clientele. Listen to the market’s message, and then meet that need with your products and services.  It’s not rocket science, but it’s a proven technique for rapid growth.

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