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MCA Restructuring Fees and Costs Across the Board

BY Value Capital Funding

November 10, 2023

The Cash Flow Dilemma: Negative Vs. Positive Cash Flow

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In the world of business finance, the flow of cash can determine the fate of businesses, big and small. Distinguishing between negative and positive cash flow is crucial—it’s the difference between a business struggling and one thriving. Here, we’ll break down the cash flow puzzle and show how Value Capital Funding’s programs can turn things around for the better.

Understanding Negative Cash Flow

Negative cash flow is like a powerful current dragging a ship into dangerous waters. For businesses, it’s when the money going out exceeds what’s coming in, leaving a financial gap that can be hard to bridge. This situation can hinder growth, investments, and meeting obligations, potentially putting success on hold.

Grasping Positive Cash Flow

On the flip side, positive cash flow is like a guiding light of financial health and success. When a business brings in more cash than it spends, it creates a surplus that can be reinvested, used to pay off debts, or saved for the future. Positive cash flow doesn’t just keep operations running; it opens doors for growth and innovation.

Analyzing Cash Flow for Financial Well-being

Figuring out how to achieve positive cash flow starts with analyzing your financial situation. This means breaking down your financial statements, examining every dollar that comes in and goes out, and understanding how money flows through your business. This analysis can uncover the reasons behind cash flow challenges and guide smart decision-making.

Debt Restructuring: Paving the Way Forward

When negative cash flow and MCA debt become an insurmountable burden, attorney-led teams are here to help. MCA debt restructuring is a strategic way to quickly eradicate what we call stage-4 business cancer – to quickly negotiate and reorganize your MCA debts. Like in healthcare, if a body doesn’t effectively treat stage-4 cancer, the body will die.  Same is true for a small business suffering from excessive MCA debt.  If it’s not effectively dealt with, the business entity dies.  This MCA surgery involves closely examining your financial situation and creating a personalized plan to make payments manageable. Through skillful negotiation, MCA debt restructuring can ease your debt burden and lead to positive cash flow.  In other words, a business can survive, but it must take action quickly.

Transforming Through Negotiation: From Burden to Opportunity

MCA debt restructuring isn’t just about moving numbers around; it’s a delicate negotiation process. Skilled attorneys engage with creditors to reduce debt burdens and reshape financial obligations. These negotiations are like the brushstrokes of an artist, crafting a new financial landscape where the weight of debt is lifted, and positive cash flow and even survival becomes achievable.

Reshaping the Financial Landscape with Lower Payments

One of the immediate effects of MCA debt restructuring is the elimination of daily payments altogether, and then of greatly reducing their amount. In an extreme, but live scenario, imagine a business struggling with a $87,500 weekly payment. Through restructuring, we dropped it to a manageable $10,000 per week—a remarkable 90% reduction. While the percentages may vary, the impact is clear: MCA debt restructuring brings quick, tangible relief.

Harnessing Financial Resurgence with FDIC Bank Term Loans

Amid the challenges of negative cash flow, FDIC Bank Term Loans offer a path to improvement, if one’s good credit profile is still preserved. These loans, provided by FDIC-insured banks, offer a reliable, secure, and low-cost source of capital for businesses in need. With FDIC Bank Term Loans, you’re in control, choosing a path that aligns with your goals.

Distinctive Features of Our BTL Option:

  • Competitive Interest Rates: Our FDIC Bank Term Loans offer rates ranging from 8.50% (prime) to 16.99% APR. This range empowers businesses to grow financially while being cost conscious.  All FDIC bank term loans have monthly repayments.
  • Simplified Cost Structure: Transparency is at our core. Our provided rates include a one-time success fee, ensuring a clear understanding of your financial commitment.
  • Upfront Fee Elimination: At Value Capital Funding, we remove upfront fees. Your resources are dedicated to business growth.
  • Low-Interest Fixed Payments: Our FDIC Bank Term Loans offer low-interest fixed or variable monthly repayments, allowing precise budgeting.
  • Swift Decision-Making: With a yes/no decision in 3 to 4 business days, you can move forward without delays.
  • Accelerated Funding: Funds reach you within 10 to 14 business days, giving you the means to seize opportunities.

Empowering Business Transformation with FDIC Bank Lines of Credit

For businesses seeking positive cash flow, FDIC Bank Lines of Credit are a lifeline. These credit lines offer flexible and accessible funds that can be tapped into as needed. Backed by FDIC Bank, they provide stability and security in uncertain times, bridging cash flow gaps and enabling proactive financial management.

Eligibility Blueprint: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

To explore FDIC Bank Term Loans and FDIC Bank Lines of Credit, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria:

  • FICO Score: A minimum FICO score of 680 across all three credit bureaus demonstrates your strong commitment to paying your financial obligations.
  • Time in Business: A minimum of two years is also required.
  • Annual Revenues: At least $250,000 in annual revenues over the past two years signals consistency.
  • Industry Diversity: Most industries are welcome, except for cannabis-related businesses.
  • Geographic Accessibility: Available in all 50 states, showcasing a nationwide commitment.

The Path to Financial Stability with Value Capital Funding

Ready to transform your business’s financial cash flow? Take the journey toward stability and growth with Value Capital Funding. Contact us today to embark on a path away from negative cash flow and unlock the potential of FDIC Bank Term Loans, FDIC Bank Lines of Credit, and expert-led debt restructuring.

Your business’s success story is waiting—reach out now at 800-944-6280 and take the first step toward a brighter tomorrow! Remember, excessive MCA debt won’t resolve itself. Act now to secure your business’s future.

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